Pokemon Go Stampede Taiwan

Pokemon Go may be cooling off here stateside, but players overseas are still going crazy trying to catch them all, especially Snorlax which appeared in Taipei near Beitou Park. News sources say that the Xinbeitou area is now a hot spot for “thousands” of players looking to get their hands on a variety of rare Pokemon that pop-up from time to time. Continue reading for a video showing people going crazy looking for Charizard in Central Park, NYC.

“The same reports indicate that the civil-defense brigade had to be called in, along with police reinforcements in order to keep everybody safe. So far, Pokemon Go has caused a stir in many cities and countries around the world. Aside from people getting hit by cars or crashing their own car while playing the game, we’ve also learned that in Belgium for example, playing the game on the street could get you fined,” reports Car Scoops.

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