Whale GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V was officially released for the PC two weeks ago, and fans have already begun creating unique and impressive mods for the open-world game, despite it not even officially supporting them. The latest mod comes from a YouTube user known as “Merfish”, and it’s a whale of a good time to say the least. In the video, watch as a gigantic whale escapes from the ocean and wreaks havoc on Los Santos by interrupting traffic, crashing into helicopters, and even invading pool parties. Continue reading for the clip.

“You can find a download for Script Hook V + Native Trainer and installation instructions on GTA5-Mods.com. Be warned, Rockstar has a zero tolerance policy on mods that alter GTA Online, and this mod in particular disables custom scripts if you try to use it online anyway, so don’t even try,” says IGN.