Waterfall Restaurant

Dining at a nice restaurant is good enough for most people, but for those who demand an extreme restaurant experience, look no further than the Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant. Located in San Pablo City, Philippines, this unique restaurant lets guests get up close and personal with a real roaring waterfall while enjoying their a tasty meal. The dining area sits at the foot of the Labasin Falls, and afterwards, guests can even lie against the rushing water covered wall for quick massage or post-lunch rinse off. Continue reading for another video, more images and additional information.

Inhabitat says, “The entire villa is in fact a historical plantation surrounded by mountains and coconut trees. Once guests have dried off from their refreshing lunch, they can enjoy numerous local activities such as bamboo rafting, birdwatching, and can even venture off to nearby rural villages on a ox-drawn jeepney. Coconut harvesting lessons are also available on the plantation grounds.”