Vivos Europa One

If price is no object, and survival is key, the Vivos Europa One underground bunker complex is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Created by California entrepreneur Robert Vicino, this five-star shelter is located in the German village of Rothenstein. Each family will be provided with a private 2,500-square-foot apartment that can be fully-customized their own specifications. Whether it be a bedroom with giant displays to project the ocean, or a pool, theater and deluxe bathroom, anything is possible within reason. They will also have access to a hospital, several restaurants and a bakery. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, there are roadways, a wine cellar, prayer rooms, classrooms, a television station and a detention center within the complex. Interested families will first have to pay a base sum for their apartment, and then share of the costs for managing the complex (staff, maintenance, etc.). Continue reading for lots more pictures and information.

“The 76-acre complex can survive a ‘substantial’ close-range nuclear blast or natural disaster. In addition to its 227,904 square feet of blast-proof living areas, the bunker also boasts 43,906 square feet of above-ground space. Underground, it features countless tunnel chambers, each with their own security system, and numerous sets of blast-proof doors with airtight seals. It also has its own self-contained water and power generation system, as well as climate, ventilation, air filtration and communication systems,” according to Mail Online.


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