VRX Racing Simulator

Starting at $55000, the VRX iMotion Racing Simulator might be the most realistic one yet. To start things off, it uses ultra-slim bezel full HD LED screens to display the simulation visuals with crisp clarity to capture the fine details of the car and the road as you grip the road at over 200mph. D-BOX motion systems enable VRX to develop highly realistic simulators that respond and adapt to real-life situations, such as textures, velocity, engine vibrations and vehicle dynamics/motion. A Z906500W 5.1 surround speaker system accurately reproduces the ferocity of a real race car with thunderous bass, strong mids, and accurate highs. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

VRX’s simulators use a 6-speed H-pattern shifter, which is the most positive-feeling and solidly built shifter on the sim-racing market. The shifter is constructed entirely from steel, ensuring maximum performance and durability. The slanted three-pedal setup, which is a full hydraulic pedal setup, fully replicates the true response and feel of a real race-car pedal set.

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