Watergen In-Car Fresh Water Dispenser
Forget to grab a bottle of water from home or at the gas station? Watergen Automotive has just the solution. Called AWG, their new in-car system draws the outside air into an atmospheric water generator, which is then filtered before being directed through a heat exchange / cooling system. This causes the moisture in the air to condense into liquid water and then fed through a multi-stage filtration system, complete with added minerals. Read more for a video and additional information.

This filtered water is stored in the integrated reservoir where it’s continuously circulated. When you want a drink, simply use the dispenser that’s built into the front console. The company says this could help vehicles to run smoother as well, since it purifies, cools and dehumidifies incoming air. There’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

Iokone Coin Side Pocket Console Side Pocket Leather Cover Car Cup Holder Auto Front Seat Organizer Cell Mobile Phone Holder (Black)
  • Adds Extra Storage – 2 Cup Holders & A Side Pocket. It can be used between front seats or front seat & center console.
  • Keeps itmes secure ,Can Store Many Items Such as Smartphone, Cup,Wallet, Cigarettes, Keys, Hand Cream, Coins, Gloves, etc.
  • Made of durable plastic and high quality leather,Keep Your Car More Clean and Organized .
  • Fit for most cars which without proper cup holders even Famous cars . We recommend buying a pair. So it can be convenient for you, or to facilitate family and friends.
  • Easy to use and closer to my body, seat wedge cup holder keeps your drinks and phone at your fingertips.