WaterLily Turbine
The WaterLily Turbine uses water or the wind to generate power for your mobile devices, making it great for the outdoors. Simply put, it generates up to 15 Watts of power in a river, creek, or stream. Once you set it securely in position, the device can trickle charge your batteries while you go about your day. You can even connect two or more WaterLilys in parallel to generate more power. Product page. Read more for two videos, including a hands-on review.

Should you connect two turbines, they can generate a combined 30 Watts per hour and 720 Watt hours per day. Need even more? Just continue to add turbines to generate even more power. Its shockproof housing and weatherproof design is built to withstand river conditions, while its patented HydroElectric Charge System comes from 7-years of subsea research.

Since WaterLily doesn’t rely on the sun like solar panels, it can charge your devices in any weather, including rain, fog, or shade. Camping near a river? WaterLily can generate power 24 hours per day, even while you sleep. It can generate as much power in 24 hours as a 100 Watt solar panel for high-end power banks to regular lead acid batteries, but at a fraction of the cost.