Iron Man VR PlayStation
Marvel’s Iron Man VR is officially hitting PlayStation VR on February 28, 2020, complete with a new suit for Tony Stark designed by Adi Granov. As for the story, the team went through many iterations, and decided on the idea that hacker villain Ghost should be Marvel’s Iron Man VR’s headlining antagonist. Why? He’s an all-time classic Iron Man super Villain, starting from the character’s first appearance in Iron Man #219, this formidable adversary continues to challenge him throughout multiple arcs, such as Inevitable and Unholy Ghost. Read more for the story trailer and additional information.

In our Iron Man VR, Ghost is a great nemesis for Tony Stark, as she not only holds a grudge against our hero, but holds a mirror up to him. This is so because she witnessed the damage caused by Stark-made weapons years earlier, so the fight Iron Man is both ideological and personal. Due to Ghost, Iron Man must reconcile his troubled past, both on and off the battlefield.