Wendy's Fest of Legends
No, this isn’t a joke, but rather a real tabletop role-playing game by fast food chain Wendy’s. It’s called “Feast of Legends” and was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. In this game, players create characters with five stats (Strength, Intelligence, Charm, Arcana, and Grace) and selet one of twelve orders, each based on various Wendy’s Menu items, like Beefy Order of the Baconator, Order of the Chicken Nuggets and Order of the Frosty. Read more for a video and the download link for the game.

If you just so happen to roll a 20 on an attack or skill roll, you go into FEAST MODE, which does the maximum amount of attack damage, plus an additional roll of the normal attack dice. Best of all, you don’t have to actually go into one of the stores and purchase something, just get the 97-page PDF here.

The nation of Freshtovia has been the lone beacon of hope in the land of Beef’s Keep for decades. However, the Ice Jester and his rogues gallery of frozen fiends threaten Queen Wendy’s reign of prosperity. Prepare your heroes for adventure,” according to the game’s description.


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