Star Wars Characters Cars

H/T: Car Wow

Car Wow recently unveiled a series of cars modeled after famous Star Wars characters. There’s the sleek Wedge Antilles Lamborghini A-Wing, Han Solo’s Millennium Hellcat, Luke Skywalker’s MX-5 Land Speeder Edition, Alfa Romeo Giulia Stormtrooper Editoin, Darth Maul’s 2016 Honda NSX, Darth Vader’s BMW Z4 Death Star Edition, Boba Fett’s Mercedes G-Class Wagon, and the Jar Jar Binks Juke. Our favorite? It’s a toss up between the A-Wing, Z4 and G-Wagon. Click here to view the first image in this week’s funny Facebook status updates gallery. Continue reading for a viral video showing the right way to fix a sticking door.