You’ve seen what it looks like milliseconds after detonation, now here’s a chance for you to hear just what a nuclear explosion actually sounds like, or at least what technology in 1953 would allow. That’s right, “someone just dug up a test film for a 20-kiloton atomic bomb from March 17, 1953, complete with the original (and remarkably high-quality) audio, and it doesn’t sound like what you’re probably expecting.” Continue reading for the video and more information.

Civilians were allowed to watch this blast from 11 miles away, partly an attempt by the government to allay public fears about the dangers of nuclear fallout. Wellerstein adds: ‘The audio is what makes this great. Put on some headphones and listen to it all the way through – it’s much more intimate than any other test film I’ve seen. Troops were also on hand, and they can be heard shouting ”Whoa’ and ‘Jeez!’ at the end of the video.

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