Ronin 47 Motorcycle

Sure, there’s the Dark Knight Batpod, but the Tumbler-inspired Ronin 47 takes stealth to the next level. The 47 basically refers to the number of motorcycles being made, which is based on the Buell 1125. Colorado-based Magpul Industries have traded the Showa forks for a cast aluminum alloy linkage fork that makes for an aggressive, lean-forward look. Plus, there’s custom hydraulic radial master cylinders and adjustable levers for the brake and clutch, along with a Penske monoshock that lets the rider adjust for variable weight and road conditions. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

“The founders of the company bought 50 Buell motorcycles just before the US brand was killed by Harley Davidson and decided to build their own dream bike. It’s called the Ronin, with the founders saying that they will produce 47 units all and all. Built as homage to Erik Buell and its legacy, the Ronin bike is one cool thing just to look at, certainly different from what’s being offered from the established manufacturers,” says Car Scoops.

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