Jet-Propelled Kayak

When in water, you could swim, paddle a normal boat, or ride in Mokai’s jet-powered kayak. Powered by a 4-stroke Subaru EX21 electric start engine paired with Mokai’s proprietary jet drive, this polyethylene kayak can not only manage shallow waters, but potential hazards as well, and without any issue. This means accessing fishing, hunting, and remote camping sites that were previously inaccessible. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

“MOKAI says that you can fit up to four compacted ES-Kapes in a pickup truck and one in a full-size SUV. The nested boat should also prove a little less awkward to carry to water’s edge than a full-length boat, though it’s not exactly a light haul at 165 lb (75 kg). Those that already have a rack or trailer can also transport it as one solid boat. Once you arrive at the water, the ES-Kape assembles within about two minutes, without any tools. The stern attaches to the cockpit with an alignment pin and threaded clamp, and the bow attaches with a spring-loaded pin and spool system. MOKAI says the machined anodized aluminum bulkheads create a secure connection that’s easy to align,” reports Gizmag.

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