White Jewel Strawberries

Yasuhito Teshima created White Jewel strawberries four years ago, on his farm in Japan’s Saga Prefecture, by cross-breeding different types of strawberries and perfecting his growing technique in order to create a large strawberry with white flesh and skin. One important factor is reducing exposure to sunlight to slow decrease the level of anthocyanin, the natural chemical that gives fruits and vegetables their color. Currently, only 10% of his crop turn out white, with the rest featuring red patches. Continue reading for another video and more information.

White Jewel Strawberries

“As you can imagine, a novelty fruit that is ultra rare and extremely difficult to produce can fetch a very high price, and the White Jewel strawberry is a perfect example. They are sold individually for $10, or in very small packs for $40. I don’t care where you live, that’s super expensive for a strawberry,” reports Oddity Central.


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