World's Largest NERF Blaster Gun
Sure, this may have not been certified by the Guinness World Records team…yet, but it’s definitely the largest NERF blaster gun that we’ve ever seen. At 12.5-feet long, Michael Pick’s creation features a body made from wood, with the other parts being 3D-printed to give it extreme detail, or at least similar to what a real NERF blaster would look like. When all was said and done, he ended up with a 200-pound NERF blaster. Read more for a video and additional information.

Now since Hasbro doesn’t make any NERF blasters of this size, all of the darts needed to be made at home too, so Michael came up with ones made from a PVC tube nestled inside a section of pool noodle, complete with a 3D-printed orange cap for added authenticity. When you fire one of these darts, they travel at 50mph, thanks to a 3,000 psi air tank connected to an Arduino Pro Mini computer for controlling the trigger and the air valves.

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