World's Most Dangerous Laptop Viruses
Artist Guo O Dong has created “PersistenceChaos,” or an installation that consists of a normal laptop (10.2-inch Samsung NC10-14GB) with six of the world’s most dangerous computer viruses installed that have caused financial damages totaling $95-billion – just don’t connect this to any Wi-Fi network or plug in a USB drive. Some of the malware include: the ILOVEYOU virus from 2000 that was often a “love letter” attached to emails and ransomware WannaCry. Read more for a livestream of the laptop and additional information.

“The piece was commissioned by cybersecurity firm DeepInstinct, and is currently being auctioned off. You can watch a live stream of the laptop to make sure it doesn’t make any sudden moves, and keep an eye on the rising price, currently at $1.2 million. That may seem like a lot to pay for an old laptop riddle with malware, but Guo says he likes to think of the piece as ‘a kind of bestiary — a catalogue of historical threats,'” reports The Verge.

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