V8 Powered Chainsaw

Why just chop wood, when you could obliterate it, with a V8-powered chainsaw? Meet Predator, a 2-man chainsaw powered by a 300-horsepower V8 engine, capable of cutting through a 3′ log in less than a second. One problem…it weighs over 500-pounds. However, if a logging job requires 2-second runs, then look no further than this monster. Continue reading for two more videos.

In its simplest form, a V8 is basically two inline-four engines sharing a common crankshaft. However, this simple configuration, with a flat- or single-plane crankshaft, has the same secondary dynamic imbalance problems as two straight-4s, resulting in vibrations in large engine displacements. Since the 1920s most V8s have used the somewhat more complex crossplane crankshaft with heavy counterweights to eliminate the vibrations.