Ego Personal Semi-Submarine

You could either explore the oceans in a normal boat, yacht, etc., or Ego, the personal semi-submarine. Boasting a submersed central hull flanked by a floating hull on both sides, this watercraft gives you unobstructed views of the water through its specially-made acrylic windows, while the wheel and pedal control system makes piloting it as easy as riding a bike. Other features include: a podded propulsion for simple maneuverability and all-electric operation with a run time of up to eight hours. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“This innovate water vessel gives passenger the opportunity to observe the underwater life in an enclosed core submerged under the water, and also an upper deck to enjoy the scenery on top of the ocean’s surface as well. The boat is powered by a 12 8-volt marine batteries, and can get about four to eight hours in the water on just one single charge depending on the traveling speed. Obviously the max speed will expend more energy than a cruising speed,” reports HiConsumption.