Drone Restaurant Singapore

You could either stick with ordering from real human waiters, or try out autonomous drones at Timbre @ Substation, a live music restaurant and bar, in Singapore. Developed by Infinium Robotics, these autonomous drones can be used to deliver drinks and even food dishes. Flying back and forth from the kitchen to a special drop-off area, they were created to take the grunt work out of having to transport dishes. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“The drones are also able to dodge any stationary objects, detect other drones, and even fly in formation if necessary. Human waiters are still necessary, as the drones themselves do not deliver straight to tables, yet. Although not completely replacing humans, the role of the drones are aimed at allowing waiters more time to focus on customer service. Looking at a full launch by the end of the year, the drones are available to restaurants for a ‘low seven figure sum,'” reports HypeBeast.