LEGO Video Game Weapon

LEGO can be used to build just about anything these days, including video game weapons. Brick master “ZaziNombies” specializes in recreating things he sees in popular video games, and Fallout’s Fat Man is just one example. It’s made from more than 2,500 pieces, measures in at just over 4-feet in length, and weighs a hefty 10-pounds. For ammo, it uses a Mini Nuke piece, which looks just like a giant zeppelin (sourced from the 5956-1: Expedition Balloon set). Continue reading for more.

5. LEGO Purifier from Black Ops 3

“With realistic fire-spewing action, we build the Purifier flamethrower from Black Ops 3. The specialist weapon of the “Firebreak”, one of Call of Duty’s hottest weapons yet, and here is the gun’s blocky, real life replica,” said its creator.

4. LEGO Bloodhound from Black Ops 3

“We start on round one with a Bloodhound revolver built entirely from LEGO bricks! Featured as the starting pistol in Black Ops 3’s Shadows of Evil zombies map, becoming a grenade launcher when pack-a-punched, here is the gun’s real life replica,” according to ZaziNombies.

3. LEGO Crusader’s Crossbow from Team Fortress 2

“Complete with a working firing mechanism, and wood-grain stock, we build the Crusader’s Crossbow from LEGO bricks! A primary weapon for Team Fortress 2’s “Medic” class, with the ability to heal teammates, and damage enemies, here is the bow’s blocky real life counterpart,” said ZaziNombies.

2. LEGO MIDA Multi-Tool from Destiny

“We bring the MIDA Multi-Tool to life entirely from LEGO bricks! An exotic scout rifle from Destiny, With a desert-tan camo and chromed out scope, here is the gun’s blocky real life replica,” according to ZaziNombies.

1. LEGO Negev Man-o’-War from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

“Complete with the blue and gold “Man-o’-War” skin, we build a Negev light machine gun, entirely from 2400+ LEGO bricks! Featured as the fastest firing gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, weighing in at over 10 pounds, here is the gun’s blocky real life replica,” said its creator.

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