Turda Salt Mine

No, this isn’t a base on the dark side of the moon, or one situated beneath the lunar surface in a crater, but rather the Turda Salt Mine in Romania. This was dug in medieval times to harvest medicinal salt, but today, it’s a theme park of sorts. Currently, the deepest mine is 393-feet below ground and researchers claim that the micro-climate also offers health benefits especially for people with respiratory difficulties with its constant temperature of around 12°C. Continue reading for a video tour, more pictures and additional information.

“At 137 ft (42 metres) deep, 196 ft (50 metres) wide and 262 ft (80 metres) long, Rudolf Mine is home to miniature golf, bowling lanes, an 180-seat amphitheatre and playground, as well as fairground rides such as a carousel and big wheel. It is accessible from in impressive lift and visitors can take in the array of stalactites dangling from the ceiling, which grow at rate of one inch (2 cm) every year, before they typically drop off when they reach of length of around nine ft (three metres).” says The Daily Mail.

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