YouTuber Mark Rober Scam Call Center Glitterbomb
YouTuber and former NASA engineer Mark Rober wanted to hit back at scam call centers that make as much as $64,000 USD per day off of unsuspecting victims all over the world. So, he decided to spend a year tracking down four scam call centers and then had the Trilogy Media team fly out to Kolkata, India to hit back at one of them with more than just a GlitterBomb.

The Trilogy Media team first had to find out how to blend in with the call center employees before deploying soap that would stain your hand, a fake box of male enhancement pills, and of course GlitterBombs filled with an unpleasant smelling spray. After infiltrating the CCTV system, they were able to see how all of this went down from multiple angles. This elephant toothpaste volcano is still the coolest Mark Rober experiment yet.

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