Before Apple’s infamous iPhone launches, did you know that Nintendo’s SNES was the target of some criminals for quite some time after its release? That’s right, to deter thieves, Nintendo only delivered the consoles to stores late at night. Continue reading to see ten more cool and geeky Nintendo tattoos.

5 Fun Nintendo facts:

  1. Nintendo started back in 1890 with playing cards.
  2. During the production of Super Mario Bros. 3 there were plans to have a Cenatur Mario.
  3. After the release of the SNES Nintendo also released a SNES arcade with the games Super Tennis, F-Zero and Super Mario World.
  4. Star Fox was originally just a tech demo for the SuperFX chip, but went on to become a full blown game.
  5. Metroid doesn’t do well in Japan, it only lives on because of its popularity overseas. This is also probably why Nintendo outsourced the development of Metroid to a US based studio.

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