11-Year-Old Laurent Simons Physics Degree Antwerp University Immortality
Photo credit: Alexander Simons
Child prodigy Laurent Simons from Oostende earned a bachelor’s degree in physics at the University of Antwerp after completing a 3-year course in just 12-months, all the while taking part in master’s program courses part time. However, he has a bigger goal than just becoming a physicist, as he aims to achieve immortality, or in other words, finding ways to replace as many body parts as possible with mechanical parts. Read more for a news segment from when he was just 9-years-old in university.

He’s already mapped out a path to reach his goal, starting with mastering quantum physics, which is the study of the smallest particles. Simons wants to collaborate with the best professors in the world and pick their brains. So far in his studies, he completed his high school education in a mere 1.5-years and received his high school diploma at the age of eight.

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Two things are important in such a study: acquiring knowledge and applying that knowledge. To achieve the second, I want to work with the best professors in the world, look inside their brains and find out how they think,” said Simons added.

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