Sam Smith isn’t your typical 12-year-old, as he spends most of his day making mobile games. Spacepants is the first release from his Boxface Games home studio, and boasts tough endless runner-style gameplay set in a single room, “which sees you avoiding lasers, space caterpillars, and other nasties for as long as you can while constantly moving.” He’s been making games for about a year now, mainly using GameMaker: Studio software, which doesn’t require any prior programming or design experience. Even though Spacepants has only been out since May, he’s already earned enough money to buy his younger brother a PlayStation 4. Continue reading to read what he has planned for the future.

Before diving into his future plans, this is why Spacepants costs $.99 rather than be free with IAP: “If a game is free then you’ll probably have adverts and in-app purchases. I wanted, if someone buys a game, they get the game, and they don’t need to just pay for more and more and more. It’s not fun. I wanted to do that while being able to earn some money from it. [In-app-purchases are] just trying to grab people’s money and just luring them in by pretending to be free. Then you have to spend money for the next billion levels. I’d much rather have it be simple.” As for the future, Sam says, “I want to continue making games for most of my life.”



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