Photographer and scientific diver Alexander Semenov just might have one of the coolest jobs in the world, as he takes beautiful underwater images for a living. The image above shows a Risbecia pulchella, a species of sea slug distributed in the Red Sea and in the Indian Ocean along the Comores, Reunion, Kenya and Tanzania to Thailand and the Philippines. Continue reading for more.

18. Caprellas

17. Alitta virens

16. Perinereis nuntia

15. Coryphella verrucosa

14. Palio Dubia

13. Ancula gibbosa

12. Paralithodes camtschaticus

11. Bolinopsis infundibulum

10. Cyanea capillata

9. Salps

8. Gorgonocephalus arcticus

7. Spirobranchus

6. Hyperia galba

5. Crinoid

4. LIRS polychaeta

3. Pagurus pubescens

2. Cyanea

1. Nymphon Long Legs