For those who don’t reside in the US, state fairs are an annual competitive and recreational gathering usually held in late summer or early fall. In other words, it’s basically a larger version of a county fair, often including only exhibits or competitors that have won in their categories at the more-local county fairs. In addition to these exhibits and competitions, there’s a host of foods for you to try, with many of the popular items being deep friend, like the bacon strips you see above. Continue reading for more.

18. Watermelon

17. Doritos Chips

16. Pineapple

15. Chicken & Waffles

14. Battered Beer

13. Entire Stick of Butter

12. Spam

11. Pizza

10. Cadbury Creme Eggs

9. Kool-Aid

8. Battered Salsa

7. Pop Tarts

6. White Castle Burgers

5. Corn on the Cob

4. Bubblegum


2. Jelly Beans

1. Guacamole

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