Truck Tent

Truck tents are nothing new, but this clever model includes sleeping space for two, a dining table, and benches that can be folded down to form yet another bed if needed. When designers think outside the box, ideas like this, become a reality. Sure, some of them look ridiculous, but they actually make sense if you think about it. Other examples include: clocks that knit scarfs, a dollhouse made from a real boot and more. Continue reading to see them all.

18. Clocks That Knit Scarfs

Clock Knitting Scarf

17. Shoe Dollhouse

Shoe Dollhouse

16. Using Skittles for Pixel Art

Skittle Pixel Art

15. Industrial Strength Bubbles

Industrial Strength Bubbles

14. Edible Cups

Edible Cups

13. Pita Office Supply Case

Pita Office Supply

12. Animal Packaging

Animal Packaging

11. Kitty Corner Shelves

Kitty Corner Shelves

10. Save Paste

Save Toothpaste Tube

9. Cat Coffee Table

Cat Coffee Table

8. Multi-Roll Dispenser

Multi Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser

7. Bunk Bed Bookshelf Lounger

Bunk Bed Hybrid

6. Wheelchair-Accessible Stairs

Wheelchair Accessible Stairs

5. Easy Pull Plug

Easy Pull Plug

4. Piano Turned Computer Desk

Piano Computer Desk

3. Looking Door Knob

2. Flexible Bike

Flexible Bike

1. Fold-Out TV Stand

Fold-Out TV Stand