Ford Beatnik Bubbletop

It looks like something straight out of The Jetsons, but the 1955 Ford “Beanik” Bubbletop is no computer-generated vehicle. This outstanding looking custom automobile is up for grabs. It started as a 1955 Ford, but now rides on a modified 1988 Lincoln Town Car chassis, and the rear bumper is actually a front bumper taken from a ’58 Cadillac. The car was created by Gary “Chopit” Fioto, as many parts had to be custom fabricated, including the teardrop skirts, pancaked hood and the largest-ever handcrafted Bubbletop roof. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Under the hood lies the ever-present-in-a-custom-build Chevy 350 (5.7-litre) V8 with a six-carb induction system, a serpentine belt system, Hedman Hedders and finned Moon valve covers. The car has received countless awards, including the ‘George Barris Kustom d’Elegance Award’, which sounds very, very classy indeed. It’s estimated to fetch between $150,000 and $250,000, but it has air conditioning, don’t worry,” according to Car Scoops.

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