2020 Toyota Supra Off-Road
Photo credit: Rain Prisk
Automotive designer and Photoshop guru Rain Prisk has given the all-new 2020 Toyota Supra a 4×4 off-road makeover, and it actually works. Featuring a set of large off-road wheels, custom arches, a front skid plate, pair of tow hooks, side steps, roof rack, and a snorkel should you encounter deeper than normal water. Just in case things get a little too deep, there’s even a kayak up top. Read more for another group of fascinating images from the web.

15. Cozy

Who wants to spend a rainy day here?

14. Real-Life Sighting

This is the Installation Wizard

13. Fascinating

How Bridge Foundations are laid in waterways

12. Not Something You See Everyday

Unlike most normal airports the Aukland airport in New Zealand has a 15ft statue of a Dwarf 

11. Pool Wall

Freakin cool pool tool for climbin

10. Classic

Nissan skyline 1972 hakusho

9. Rainbow Road

Long expose picture of a rock climber who tied some LEDs to his back

8. World in a Bottle

Self Sustained Ecosystem

7. Work of Art

Glass Armor – Skyrim

6. Leafy

Power Rangers mantis

5. Ghoulish Phenomenon

Michigan Ghost Apples

4. Marbelized

The net is also marble

3. A Grand Sight

World’s Largest Bonfire Made From Stacked Pallets in Norway

2. Just Trust Me

Trust me, I am an engineer

1. Turbine Powered

The only way to build a Batmobile right is to stick a turbine engine in it.