While diamonds may last forever, these wedding rings do more than just look pretty, and are designed specifically for geeks. First up, we have a customizable LEGO wedding ring. Continue reading to see more ultra geeky creations.

3. Meteorite

Still need a wedding ring and have a meteorite laying around? Then follow in the footsteps of Reddit user “laporkenstein”, who transformed a real meteorite into a wedding ring. Though it may not be as shiny as a blue diamond-studded 24K gold ring, it’s definitely a conversation piece nonetheless.

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2. Indiana Jones

Here’s a first: an Indiana Jones-inspired engagement / wedding ring. Simply put, “the whip is the band, and the yellow diamond is the ‘idol’ from the first movie.

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Sure, a LEGO wedding ring may not have real diamonds or cost thousands of dollars, but one advantage it does have is that its wearer can easily modify the accessory with minifigs and/or other bricks.

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