3D-Printed LEGO Go-Kart
Photo credit: Mantis Robot
LEGO Technic sets are great for creating interactive sets, but there isn’t one yet that lets you build a life-sized go-kart. So, Matt Denton decided to take things into his own hands. With the help of 3D-printers, he managed to piece together an XXL LEGO go-kart with pieces that are scaled up 8.43 times the size of their real-life counterparts. Read more for a test drive video and additional information.

There are long beams that make up the frame of the vehicle and the axle piece required for the steering column, but both are too long to print at one time. The axle was printed in two parts with a square channel down the center that hides a single run of square tubing, while the beams also took an extra session. The latter consists of a dovetail-shaped connector piece that holds the top joint together, and a hidden bolt for the bottom.

Razor Dune Buggy - Red
1,111 Reviews
Razor Dune Buggy - Red
  • Compact kids dune buggy with powerful 350-watt electric motor. Reaches speeds of up to 9 mph.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 41 inch x 26.5 inch x 17.5 inch
  • 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires. Hand throttle and brake controls.
  • Supports up to 120 pounds driver weight. For ages 8 and older.
  • Requires no fuel to run. Battery life up to 40 mins.

Yes I’m hoping this time that this version will be big enough for me to ride! In this video I finish the electronics and finally get to test this Mark I version of the kart! It’s sooooo much fun to drive,” said its creator.