3D-Printed Mask of Human Face
Whether it be for Halloween or just any other special occasion, looking like someone else just became a lot more creepy, thanks to Japan-based Kamenya Omoto. This store specializes in masks and is actually paying Tokyo residents $380 USD for their faces. The only catch is that you’ll remain anonymous and they’ll create a hyper-realistic, 3D-printed version of your face to sell to anyone for $750 USD. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Let’s face it, some faces will be more popular than others, and if yours just happens to be one of them, Kamenya Omoto will share a percentage of the profits. One caveat: this project, officially called “That Face,” is limited to those who live in Tokyo aged 20-years or older.

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3D-Printed Mask of Human Face
3D-Printed Mask of Human Face
3D-Printed Mask of Human Face

This is the face of a real man in his thirties who lives in Tokyo. ‘That face’ is a project to duplicate and sell the face of a real person. This is the face of Kamenya Omote Shuhei.
It is manufactured at a ratio of 105% of the actual size so that anyone can easily wear it. Comes with a rubber strap for mounting,” said the store.


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