Summer is finally here for many of us, and that means vacation time! However, there are a few things you probably shouldn’t spend your money on, such as a $25,000 Royal Throne toilet or $3900 gumball machine. Let’s just say that you’re better off spending the money on a nice vacation. Continue reading to see seven more insanely expensive gadgets you probably shouldn’t buy.

7. $3900 Gumball Machine

This gumball machine holds 14,000+ gumballs. This massive 14,000 gumball machine stands 7 feet tall and is nearly 4 feet wide…Yes, this gumball machine is very real, and very awesome.

6. $3999.99 Beer Tap Arcade

Combine your love of alcohol and arcade gaming with this beer tap arcade machine that comes with over sixty classic arcade titles and a five gallon keg. Capable of serving over fifty five beers from the tap, this gaming / beer machine is a must have for gamers who love to drink.

5. $25,000 Royal Throne Toilet

Reign supreme on the porcelain throne with this beautifully crafted royal toilet that is fit for a king. With medieval luxury, this wooden royal toilet throne includes a candle holder, ash tray, and even plays a musical chime as the toilet seat gloriously rises.

4. $25,000 Cheeseburger Bed

Sleep like the burger king with the hamburger bed that comes with your choice of toppings, soda, and a side of fries. Made using only the freshest ingredients, this delicious bed will wrap you up in between its lettuce and cheese, giving you a wonderful night’s sleep.

3. $46,000 Transparent G-1 Pool Table

No bachelor pad should be without one of these transparent pool tables. Modern yet functional, for a small purchase price of only forty six thousand dollars this futuristic billiards table will show off your wealth and fine tastes, or possibly explain your mounting debt issues.

2. $345 R/C Flying Superhero

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a flying superhero? Now you can troll curious onlookers with these radio control flying superheroes that from a distance look like actual flying humans!

1. $5000 Millennium Falcon Guitar

Use the force to rock out like a true geek with this Star Wars Millennium Falcon guitar! With real working lights and sound effects and a tribute to R2-D2 at the headstock, this playable electric guitar is unquestionably the holy grail of geeky guitars.

Honorable Mention – $20,000 JL421 Badonkadonk

In these uncertain times you can’t not afford to have the best in your armored mobile tech. The JL421 Badonkadonk is the most sophisticated land cruiser tank a private civilian can buy – and at a price of only $20K you�ll have wads of cash leftover to buy fortress accessories.

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