Professional Food Photographer Tricks
Photo credit: Blossom
The world of food photography is more than meets the eye, and while many things look delicious in ads, the things used to make them look that way are not safe for ingestion to say the least. One example would be creating fake champagne, which is actually a combination of soy sauce, Alka Seltzer for the fizz, and then last, but not least, water. Another example is tasty-looking ice cream that’s made from corn syrup, shortening, and food coloring for advertisements. “Blossom” recently created a video showing nine more tricks that professional photographers use to make food look good. Read more to watch the video and for additional information.

For perfect-looking pancakes, cardboard cutouts are used to as spacers to add height to a stack, and for syrup? Just pour some motor oil over the stack. Why? Well, motor oil isn’t absorbed into the pancakes, so it’s often used in food photography as a substitute. Now the most popular item that never looks as good as the ads, are burgers. Once assembled, a heat gun is used to melt the cheese, while vegetable oil makes the beef look juicy. Everyone knows that the real burgers aren’t as tall as the ads, and that’s because sponges keep all the ingredients propped, and toothpicks hold everything in place.


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