Action Figure Household Item Batman Intro
Photo credit: Arjun Menon
India-based photographer Arjun Menon decided to make the best of the COVID-19 lockdown and combine his passion of comic book characters with photography. Some of his past projects included the Terminator, Predator, Joker, Batman, Killer Croc, Bane, Wolverine, and lots more. His goal was to simply turn simple items like cheese graters, ice cube trays, and even air filters, into cinematic scenes. What was really challenging is getting those items to match the scale of the action figures. Read more to see how he turned household items, light painting and an action figure into the Batman: The Animated Series intro.

For this shoot, he had to find the appropriate Batman action figure, along with parts from different computer cases, rechargeable batteries, lights, air filters, fans, and even a muffin pan. Once everything was set up, he had to find the right perspective before starting the shoot. Unfortunately, the cape wasn’t quite long enough, so he had to photograph it separately.

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Each and every thunderbolt is shot separately with the help of light painting on long exposures. Matching colors was an easy process since I tried to get it right in the camera itself with comparisons to reference,” said Arjun.

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THE DARK KNIGHT (Sound on) Photographed with action figure and household objects as part of my quarantine photo series. . . Batman the animated series has probably been the most influential cartoon series for me growing up. Hands down the best portrayal of Batman with such skilled voice artists like @kevinconroypage for Batman and the iconic depiction of Joker by Mark Hamill @hamilhimself. The opening sequence is so wicked it didn't even need a slate for titles. I wanted to attempt to recreate the scene with things I had at home. Wanted to match perspectives and get it just right. If you haven't watched the series, please fix that, you 'll find yourself in love with the characters. BTS: (swipe for video) Since it's my first stop motion from this series it was quite tricky. Once I got the perspective right, the shoot began frame by frame. The Cape wasn't long enough so had to photograph it separately which was a lengthy process. Each and every thunderbolt is shot separately with the help of light painting on long exposures. Matching colors was an easy process since I tried to get it right in camera itself with comparisons to reference. The only thing added in post is rain. Smoke was added with humidifier. This took a lot of time and effort to create so If you enjoyed this, don't forget to share and show some Louu! Couldn't have been possible without my trusty assistant and wifey @hungryalisha. Thanks @sibyeduthafoto for the honest feedback as always! actionfigures #joker #Batman @behindthescenegram #toyartphotography #createwithsrishti #articulatedcomicbookart #acba #epictoyart @french_toy_love @epictoyart @BTAS #toy #toyunion #batman @onlyfilmmaker #diyphotoshoot #kaiexposeyourself #articulatedphotography #createathome @cinematogr #filmmakersworld @filmlights #creativequarantine #op_h #batmanjoker #toysyndicate #dccomicsart #breakfromboredom #toyaremydrug #batmanart #quarantineproject #dccomics #batcave @camera_setups

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