Adam Savage Iron Man

Adam Savage, former co-host of MythBusters, is kicking off his new TV series, Savage Builds, with a bang. So, he decided to build a flying Iron Man suit, made possible by Richard Browning’s Gravity jetpack system. The suit itself consists of approximately 250 individual pieces of lightweight, 3D printed titanium, which is then used with Gravity’s thrusters for the full Iron Man effect. Read more for an in-depth look at the suit and additional information.

“At the Colorado School of Mines Craig Brice, Professor of Practice in Mechanical Engineering and director of the university’s Advanced Manufacturing Program, led the production of Savage’s Iron Man suit through numerous iterations. Having first developed the correct design, with permission and official 3D models from Marvel, Brice and his team sent the suit for production at EOS’ 3D printing facility in Texas,” according to 3D Printing Industry.

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