AI Sony PS5 Voice Assistant Ellie
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There’s Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Sony Ellie? Considering that there are no game consoles to date with a dedicated voice assistant, it would not be too outlandish to imagine one for the upcoming PlayStation 5. Players would be able to ask Ellie to save / load games, download updates, provide game tutorial walkthroughs, and lots more. Read more for a video showing how it might work.

Unlike its predecessor, the PS5 will have a custom SSD storage solution that provides increased data input/output rates for fast loading times and larger bandwidth. In other words, games can be more immersive and support 8K resolution. As of now, the base system is set to get an 825GB SSD connected through a 12-channel interface to the main system capable of achieving a 5.5 GB/s transfer rate uncompressed, and between 8 to 9 GB/s using compression with the Oodle Kraken protocol from RAD Game Tools.

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AI Sony PS5 Voice Assistant Ellie
AI Sony PS5 Voice Assistant Ellie
AI Sony PS5 Voice Assistant Ellie

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