AirPods 18K AirGolds
Next-generation AirPods may come in different colors, but jeweler Pablo Cimadevila just couldn’t wait. So, he transformed a standard pair of AirPods into 18K AirGolds. Not just gold plating, he actually melted 18-karat gold, took apart a pair of existing AirPods, and then placed the innards directly into the new gold casing. As you can see, they were inserted back into the charging case, though there’s no indication on whether if they still charge normally. Read more for a video of the entire process and additional information.

How did Cimadevila come up with the idea? He says this one-time project was actually inspired by Apple’s “Think Different” advertising campaign from 1997–2002. Unfortunately, he doesn’t plan on selling his one-of-a-kind “AirGolds” or make anymore, but like everything, there’s a price. However, 18-karat gold may need to drop below $1,000 per ounce for that to happen, unless the buyer has extremely deep pockets.


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