Lamborghini Hybrid Supercar Hypercar Frankfurt Motor Show
The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept was first unveiled back in 2017, but this year, the automaker has teased what could be its successor ahead of the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, code named LB48H. Just to recap, the Terzo Millennio utilizes high-capacity supercapacitors instead of batteries, due to ability for rapid storage and discharge of energy. In other words, they’re made to simultaneously capture and release energy to give the car an increase in performance, without having the depend on chemical reactions. Read more for the teaser video and additional information.

Each Terzo Millennio wheel contains an electric motor, which means the amount of torque can be controlled individually, thus giving it the stability of a modern Formula One car. It also features an autonomous driving system, but not just for racing. It reportedly enables the vehicle to complete a full lap without any mistakes and then teaches the driver best drive the lap on their own, using a ghost car.


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