Alaka'i Technologies' Skai Hydrogen Drone Taxi
Alaka’i Technologies Skai is unlike any other drone taxi that you may have seen before, as it uses light hydrogen fuel cells to run its rotors, which provides a range of 400 miles and the capacity to carry 1,000 pounds in passengers or freight. Early models would be flown by an on-board pilot using a pair of joysticks, but the technology does exist for it to eventually fly remotely and / or autonomously. Read more for a video and additional information.

“[CEO Stephan Hanvey] hopes to see Skai aircraft used by first responders to send in food or water following disasters like hurricanes or wildfires that can destroy infrastructure. It could be used as an ambulance and to evacuate people. Outfitted with a transmitter, one could serve as a mobile cell tower, hovering for up to 10 hours over a neighborhood to provide communication services,” reports Chicago Tribune.

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