Aluminum Soda Can Dissolve Lining
Ever wonder what happens when you dissolve the aluminum on a soda can with liquid still inside? MEL Science may have answered that question with their latest video. The experiment reveals that there’s actually a plastic coating lining the aluminum can after the metal is dissolved away that acts as a barrier against the corrosive effect of acidic drinks on the reactive metal. This plastic liner also forms a barrier between the product and metal to provide protection against food-borne diseases. Read more for the experiment video and additional information.

“The carbon dioxide gas dissolves in liquids forms an acid, which gives carbonated drinks like Coca Cola a high levels of acidity. The acid responsible is normally phosphoric acid in coke and citric acid in juice based drinks like Fanta. If this acid was in direct contact with the metal aluminium it would react with the metal and corrode it, creating an aluminium compound known as aluminium phosphate as well as hydrogen gas,” reports The Daily Mail.


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