Ever heard of an island so dangerous that the government actually bans people from visiting? Introducing Ilha de Queimada Grande, a small isnald 20 miles (32 km) off the coast of Sao Paolo, Brazil, home to the world’s most venomous viper: the golden lancehead. The serpent’s venom is 5-times more deadly than other snakes, and can even melt human flesh if enough if injected. Before the island was condemned, several people have succumbed to the deadly vipers. Continue reading to watch a full-length VICE documentary on the island.

The Daily Mail reports, “One story tells of a fisherman who lost power in the engines of his boat. After drifting to the island he ventured inland, unaware of the terrors that lay in wait. When his boat was eventually discovered, he was found dead in a pool of blood covered in snake bites. Another story is of the last lighthouse keeper to inhabit the island with his family.Rumor has it they ran in terror when snakes crawled in through their windows; their bodies were later found scattered across the island.”