Apple Card Unboxing Review
Photo credit: Instagram
Finally, Apple’s first-ever credit card launched earlier this month, and simply put, it lives in the Wallet app on your iPhone. Once activated, it shows you a plethora of information about your spending habits, and the card even changes color depending on what you buy. Unlike a traditional credit card, the Apple Card conceals your identifying information and uses machine learning to interpret transactions into stunning graphs. Read more to see a famous YouTuber unbox his as well as provide some hands-on first impressions.

Best of all, there are no late, cash advance, international, overdraft, or annual credit card fees, except for applicable interest charges when carrying a balance as well as any interchange fees, which are charged directly to the vendor. You can apply right now for the Apple Card directly from within the Wallet app, and if approved, it’s automatically made available for use across all of your devices instantly. You can also order a physical card for use at locations that don’t accept contactless payments.