Apple Face Mask
Photo credit: Mac Rumors
It’s true, the rumored Apple Face Mask is real, but it will only be distributed to corporate and retail employees. There will also allegedly be an Apple ClearMask, which is a transparent surgical mask approved by the FDA, and could be used by those helping customers with hearing impairments. The standard Face Mask features three filter layers and can be washed as well as reused up to 5-times. Read more for a video showing how Apple is handling the pandemic at its newest retail Apple Central World store in Bangkok.

As you can see in the image above, the mask features a minimalist design with coverings on both the top and bottom extending up to the nose as well as under the chin. Adjustable bands ensure a snug fit, while offering the wearer the ability to adjust the size. Forget your own? Some stores are distributing free face masks to customers entering their stores now.

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