Supersonic Baseball Cannon
Photo credit: Smarter Everyday
Smarter Everyday’s Destin Sandlin always wanted to know what would happen when a baseball went supersonic, so he set to find out by building a massive cannon just for the task. It took a few tries to get everything just right, as you’ll see in the first test shot he fired the baseball at a much lower pressure, and without the evacuated barrel, yet still made a mark on the aluminum plate target. Unfortunately, the baseball also disintegrated. Read more for two videos, including a behind-the-scenes, and additional information.

Even though the baseball managed to vaporize, it only managed to slightly polish the surface of the plates and didn’t seem to any damage. Why? Well, the setup consists of two spaced layers of 25 mm thick steel plate. Let’s just say at that speed, the stitched cowhide starts peeling off even before impact.

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