Apple FaceTime Bug iPhone
Photo credit: Valentina Palladino
For those who receive FaceTime calls on a regular basis, it may be time switch off that function, or at least for now if you’re running iOS 12.1+. A newly discovered bug lets you eavesdrop on the iPhone or Mac you’re calling even without the other party answering. Simply start a FaceTime call, swipe up to add a person, and then choose your own phone number to create a group FaceTime call. If you automatically answer the call for the first person, both the caller and the original recipient will be able to hear one another, or if the caller is quiet, this lets them eavesdrop if the recipient did not hear the original call. Read more to see the bug in action.

“Pressing the volume or power button on the recipient’s iPhone, which is usually used to silence or dismiss an incoming call, will also turn on the camera with this glitch allowing the caller to activate your camera — though doing this will disable the audio,” according to USA Today.

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