Apple iOS 12.2 Downtime Screen Time
Photo credit: 9to5 Mac
Apple’s newly released iOS 12.2 Beta lets users further customize the Downtime feature, as they are now able to adjust Screen Time to account for days of the week. Screen Time was first introduced in iOS12 and let users set usage limits for their apps based on the time of day. In other words, now you can essentially turns off apps after a certain time period for each day of the week – i.e. to use between 10am – 7 pm on Saturday or 6pm – 10pm on Monday, etc. Read more for a video overview of more new features in iOS 12.2 Beta.

“The iOS 12.2 beta has brought some other revelations for what’s to come with the next update: a subscription service in Apple News, which would allow newspapers and magazines to offer up a monthly fee, as well as a hands-free voice command for the next generation of Apple AirPods,” reports The Verge.

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