Apple iPhone 12 Pro 120Hz ProMotion display
For those looking to upgrade to Apple’s next-generation iPhone 12, you may want to opt for the Pro 6.1″ / 6.7″ models, as it is reportedly getting a 120Hz refresh rate ProMotion display, revamped Face ID technology, improved night / portrait photography modes, and lots more. The ProMotion display boasts an adaptive refresh rate that can automatically switch between 120Hz, 60Hz or even 24Hz, based on the usage scenario, thus improving battery life. Read more for a video and additional information.

The iPhone 12 Pro’s notch will also be smaller than its predecessors. All of the Face ID components have been miniaturized to fit this smaller notch, and will also support a dynamic zoning algorithm which to enable the camera to crop certain facial features and track them more efficiently, allowing you to authenticate using more extreme angles when necessary. Other features include a new Navy Blue color, replacing Midnight Green, and LiDAR.

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