Architecture of Radio

Photo credit: Daily Mail

Architecture of Radio is probably one of the coolest apps we’ve come across in recent time, as it provides a 360° visualization of the digital world all around us, using your GPS location to give visual life to the signals around you. Created by software developer Richard Vijgen, it essentially plots the massive network of signals, both wired and wireless, using data collected from 7-million cell towers, 19-million Wi-Fi routers, and hundreds of satellites. “The purpose of this app is to make the invisible visible so we can look at it, think about it and discuss it,” said Vijgen. Get it here now. Continue reading for another video of the incredible app in-action.

“The app plots the densities of digital signals, like radio waves, which exist outside the spectrum of visible light on a 3-D moving graph. It is site-specific, and works by reversing the ambient nature of the infosphere; hiding the visible while revealing the invisible technological landscape we interact with through our devices,” reports Mail Online.